Martin Disler
August 25 - October 9, 2004

Untitled (2 heads), Dispersion on pavatex, signed, 204x240cm, 1979
Untitled, Mixed media (Plaster, wood, brickstone, metal wire, bark, plaster), 2x45x55cm, 1986/1987


From August 26th until October 16th 2004 Galerie Elisabeth Kaufmann is exhibiting selected works by Martin Disler.

We are also pleased to announce that we will represent the Estate of Martin Disler.

Martin Disler, born in 1949 in Seewen/Solothurn (Switzerland), found his way to art through writing.
In the 1970s Disler researched on thematic and formal elements he shall later work with during his entire artistic life. His work reflects an immense visual and intellectual knowledge of art, literature and music. Works by artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Jackson Pollock or Antonin Artaud, and many more, offered him a vide range of inspiration, giving him the possibility to define his own artistic work.
Disler lived and worked in Zurich, New York, Vienna, Paris, Harlingen/ Holland, Milan, Engadin/ Switzerland and in Les Planchettes/ Jura (Switzerland) until his premature death in 1996.

Out of the earlier drawings, of a more graphic character, Disler developed a vocabulary of signs and forms he adapted in all his works - consciously and unconsciously- in a constant new way. Small sculptures from 1996, for example, recall the forms of Drawings made in the 1970´s.
The exhibition Invasion durch eine falsche Sprache at the Kunsthalle Basel in 1980 showed for the first time large-sized paintings, whose intensity called the international art scene´s attention.
These different aspects of Disler´s work are currently shown in the exhibition at Elisabeth Kaufmann: drawings, paintings and sculptures, dating 1972 to 1996, represent the artist´s faceted oeuvre.

One of Disler´s main questions concerned the artist´s role in the 20th century: what is his contribution to a mass industrial culture and does his work, consisting in drawing, painting or sculpturing persist? Disler had a fast way of executing his work. This way of working and his obsession of the constant recreation of the human picture may be understood as his methods of finding his answer to these questions.

Important exhibitions during the artist´s lifetime were held in national and international Galleries and Museums (from 1976 until 1996). Only few shall be mentioned. In 1980 Disler participated at Aperto ´80 (Biennale in Venice) and at the documenta 7 in 1982 in Kassel. In 1981 he executed the important mural painting Die Umgebung der Liebe at the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart. For 2006 two big retrospectives about Disler´s work are in preparation.

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